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Professional hearing tests by fully qualified audiologists performed in our Liverpool clinic

Hearing tests are used to evaluate your ability to perceive different sound levels and ascertain if there are any problems. If you are already experiencing ear problems or your hearing is getting worse, a hearing device could be an option to improve your quality of life.

Do you find that you are having difficulty hearing in social situations? By coming along to our Liverpool hearing clinic you will be able to get a hearing evaluation carried out by one of our Audiologists

Call us when convenient to organise an appointment in our Liverpool clinic

A very high percentage of people with hearing aids report that their hearing devices: help them to hear soft or gentle sounds they may not have heard since their hearing loss.

Hearing instruments are a popular solution for hearing impairment and thanks to advances in technology there are now a wide and exciting range of hearing instruments to choose from. A professional hearing evaluation can ascertain the need for hearing instruments and should only be performed by an HCPC registered Audiologist.

Your professional hearing test and hearing aids service in Liverpool.


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