List of Top Hearing Aid Brands in 2018

To name one single manufacturer of hearing aids as the best is very difficult. There are no set criteria for judging the quality of a hearing aid which makes their comparison difficult. However, audiologists have categorized certain hearing aids as high quality standard since they tested well under various conditions and are trusted by a large number of customers.


Phonak is one the leading hearing aid manufacturers in the world and are commonly used by children with hearing impairments. Phonak and Unitron are owned by the same group of companies. It has been manufacturing hearing aids since 1947 and also has a line of cochlear implants. They were one of the first brands to introduce hearing aids with rechargeable batteries. The Autosense OS feature in Phonak hearing aids can automatically adjust the settings according to the hearing environment.


Unitron is a brand of the Canadian business group Sonova. It is very popular amongst patients because of the flexible trial system that lets them try out the different technology settings and upgrade if the need arises. Their Moxi Now hearing aid is the smallest wireless hearing aid in the world.


Widex is a Danish brand that has been around since 1956. They are present in more than 100 countries and hold 10% shares of the global hearing aid market. Widex hearing aids also include a tinnitus management system on their devices. These hearing aids are built for patients with an active lifestyle and are especially target the iPhone users with hearing impairments because it is compatible with iOS.


Oticon is the first hearing aid to incorporate the Internet of Things. It is a leading hearing aid manufacturer when it comes to wireless connectivity and streaming. Their device is one of the first digital hearing aids. It has been voted as the aid with the best sound quality and value for money.


American manufacturer Starkey has been in the hearing aid business since 1967. They also own brands such as Audibel and NuEar. The canal hearing aids was first manufactured by Starkey. Their hearing aids are water-proof and resistant to the body’s natural oils as well because of the nanotechnological design.


ReSound has been pushing the boundaries of innovation since 1943. Their technology includes the hearing aid that operates at 2.4 GHz and makes it easier to understand speech and separate it from background noise. ReSound offers the best Bluetooth connectivity making it possible to pair the hearing aid with any other audio device.